Behind-the-Scenes Videos

What to do and not to do when you make a movie

The following videos are available in Windows Media Format.

  • Director Graham Killeen and his notes

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    This is what happens when you don't have production assistants.
    (Fall 2005)
  • The second day of second-unit photography

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    20 Native Americans, four birchbark canoes, and two long days at the Saukville Crossroads Rendezvous.
    (Summer 2004)
  • Location Scouting and Wrangler Recruiting Part I

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    Our travels lead us to Ladysmith, Wisconsin, as we seek a location, a horse ranch, and stunt riders.
    (January 2004)

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- Graham Killeen, on the number of Assistant Directors that were hired and quit Six Bullets.

"This is getting expensive."
- Jon Kline, on learning that the budget for Six Bullets crossed $15,000.

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